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Because of “creeps,” Riddhima Kapoor Sahni wants her daughter Samara to remove her social media accounts. “I continue to observe”

What are a number of the dangers your child might also encounter on-line and how are you going to help them avoid them as a figure? Expert elucidates

Actor Ranbir Kapoor’s sister, Riddhima Kapoor Sahni, currently shared her worries about her daughter Samara’s protection online, urging her to delete her social media debts due to the “creepy” people she encounters.

In their first ever interview collectively with Galatta India, Riddhima, her husband Bharat, and their daughter Samara spoke about the pros and cons of the usage of social media amongst youngsters and teens who are in the public eye, and as a end result acquire severe scrutiny as nicely.

Samara, thirteen, is energetic on social media and has over 127,000 followers on Instagram alone. “Each time I say Samara make your account non-public, public kar deti hai (she makes it public) (sic),” says Riddhima. She provides, “Firstly, I didn’t want her to have an account. So, I maintain tracking.”


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