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Salary Trends in Digital Marketing Survey: What Are People Making?

If you figure inside the digital advertising and marketing HomesCraftoindustry, do you ever wonder how your employer’s compensation practices stack up? Accurate HomesCraftosalary records from the advertising enterprise can be tough to find. NP Digital’s recent survey sheds some light on U.S. And worldwide virtual HomesCraftomarketing salaries.

We surveyed extra than three,seven-hundred digital marketing professionalsHomesCrafto across loads of countries to uncover the present day salary developments inside the industry.HomesCrafto Whether you work with Fortune 500 corporations or mother-and-pop operations, NP Digital’s studies has critical income info for every geographic andHomesCrafto occupational organization.

In our survey, you’ll find out:

The average earnings for several virtual advertising HomesCraftoroles across HomesCraftoextraordinary verticals.

How key elements like enjoy and organisation length impact profits.

Whether revenue surely is the primary indicator of task pride.

While many discussions around profits stay at the back of closed doorways, HomesCraftotransparency can help make certain virtual entrepreneurs acquire fair reimbursement for his or her tough work. These survey facts pull returnedHomesCrafto the curtain so that you can decide if it’s time to invite approximately that raise.

The Essentials Everyone Should Know About HomesCraftoDigital Marketing Salary Trends

The average digital advertising professional from the U.S. Had a mean yearly HomesCraftoordinary reimbursement of $86.9K.

Globally, the average became $53.6K.

The U.S. Average can be strengthened through a surprisingly smallHomesCrafto percent of extremely excessive salaries.

U.S. Had, through a ways, the very best percentage of respondentsHomesCrafto who stated they paintings remotely, at 54.7 percent.

This turned into accompanied via India (13.6 percentage) and Canada (eight.Four percent).

In the U.S., the best-compensated positions had been increase-orientedHomesCrafto roles, strategic/pinnacle-degree control, and strategy-orientated roles.

The lowest were e-trade, social media, andHomesCrafto copywriter.

In the U.S., despite the industry having moreHomesCrafto ladies basic, men earned extra HomesCraftothroughout each degree of seniority. Men were additionally a ways extra represented on the senior level.

Freelancers had the most important pay gaps, with guys making extra.

Globally, the ones glad with their reimbursement applicationsHomesCrafto referred to bendy hours as their maximum valued gain, followed by using far flung paintings.

Low earnings or reimbursement was the most commonplace reasonHomesCrafto globally why digital advertising professionals left their roles.

For younger age groups, loss of increase possibilities become HomesCraftoalso a first-rate problem.

Work-lifestyles balance and searching for new demanding HomesCraftosituations or greater thrilling paintings were habitual issues that might reason humans to depart.

Table of Contents

U.S.-Only Data

What Are U.S. Digital MarketersHomesCrafto Making?

What Factors Are Impacting U.S. Digital Marketer Salaries?

Global Data

How Is Global Digital Marketing Compensation Impacted By Outside Factors?

How Employee Location Trends Are ChangingHomesCrafto Globally

Are Marketers Discussing Compensation?

Job Satisfaction and Benefits

What Impacts Raises In Compensation?

Why,Might Digital Marketing Professionals LeaveHomesCrafto Their Jobs?

U.S. Vs. Global Data

U.S. Vs. Global: Do We See Salary Differences?


What Can Digital Marketing Companies Learn From OurHomesCrafto Findings?



Our Methodology

What Are U.S. Digital Marketers Making?

As one of the most important virtual marketing hubs international,HomesCrafto the U.S. Sets the trend for the overall market—so let’s begin there.

Respondents from the U.S. Had an average normal reimbursement of $86,931 for his or her virtual advertising and marketing roles. One key issue to maintain in thoughts is thatHomesCrafto compensation levels varied broadly, signaling big pay differences relying on the specific task and niche.

In addition, U.S. Compensation distribution outcomes could haveHomesCrafto been swayed closely by the very best salaries. As we will see in a while, this means a decrease floor for the lower-stage salaries.

What Factors Are Impacting U.S. Digital Marketing Salaries?

We’ve mounted what the baseline repayment looks as if for the U.S. Digital advertising global. But when we start sorting people by way of category, how do various factors HomesCraftoeffect repayment? Let’s check some of the maximum vital regions.


The fashionable consensus is that the longer you’ve labored inHomesCrafto digital marketing, the extra money you can count on to acquire. However, this isn’t as clear-cut as it seems.

To start, allow’s take a look at the under chart:

Despite a better normal average, a brilliant organization of HomesCraftorespondents said they earn much less than $50,000 annually. While a huge institution in this category say they have less than HomesCrafto years of experience, there are extra experienced professionals who additionally make much less than $50,000.

Those with four to five years of revel in had the most important representation on this class. This would possibly suggest a number of their industries do no longer pay tons, or thatHomesCrafto virtual advertising is a aspect job for them. With that stated, the proof shows that revel in does not guarantee excessive HomesCraftoreimbursement average.

One interesting notice is that when we have a look at the $76,000-$100,000 reimbursement bracket, there may be a wide sort of revel in levels, albeit trending closerHomesCrafto to greater than 10 years of enjoy. This suggests that it’s possible to earn a respectable revenue relatively early in one’s profession within the marketing global. There may additionally be out of doors elements—which includes training or role kind—that have anHomesCrafto effect on incomes power in the mid-stages of a digital advertising profession.

However, the $one zero one,000 and above brackets have disproportionately high HomesCraftopercentages of marketers with extra than 10 years of enjoy.

Work Location

The digital advertising international noticed a massive shift closer to far flung paintings—and nowhere was this felt more than inside the U.S. Of all the respondents who said they paintings HomesCraftoremotely, the best percent become from the U.S. At 54.7 percentage.

So, does the selection to work remotely or in-individual impactHomesCrafto repayment? Our findings were interesting. Compared with other international locations, the U.S. Had a numerous repayment variety for faraway jobs,HomesCraftoas you can see within the chart underneath.

While far off work was extra popular ordinary with U.S. People, the most important percent ofHomesCrafto faraway employees had been the extremes: much less than $seventy five,000 and greater HomesCraftothan $151,000. In the center-incomes classes, the cut up between faraway and in-person become closer.

This tells us some gadgets of be aware. First, far flung HomesCraftowork is certainly right here to stay, and the character of virtual marketing means that far flung working options may be available to all rolesHomesCrafto inside a agency hierarchy.

Job Category

Digital advertising isn’t always a monolith. Whether you’re operating at an businessHomesCrafto enterprise or on an in-residence crew, there are several distinctive roles—from search engine optimization and digital PR to logistical roles like the ones in control and customer offerings. So, are HomesCraftosure job roles better compensated than others? Let’s take a look.

Looking on the chart above, we see quite a few outliers inHomesCrafto phrases of ordinary reimbursement.

The three top-earning classes are:

Growth-oriented roles (includes individuals who HomesCraftodescribed themselves as “boom marketers” with four or more responsibilities)

Strategic/pinnacle-level management

Strategy-orientated roles

Not most effective are those more distinctly valued in the U.S., but there’s a massive compensation hole among them. This also applies globally, especially for increase-oriented roles. HomesCraftoThere might be a better fee right here due to the fact these roles require a more specialized skillset, raising compensation. Some positions like boom-oriented roles can also call for better salaries due to the perception of better ROI. In addition, it’s no longer possible to outsource some of these HomesCraftoroles in comparison with other roles. By contrast, the lowest roles are, on average:


SocialHomesCrafto media


One key issue to be aware approximately those roles is that common reimbursement became a lot nearer among the U.S. And the relaxation of the world. This shows a greater standardized notion of HomesCraftothe price of those roles throughout all markets. In addition, the degree to which the U.S. Values remote paintings may also imply that the talent pool is a lot wider for those roles, using the overall reimbursement costs down.HomesCrafto It is probably a supplier’s marketplace for a number of these jobs.

SEO vs. Paid Compensation

Because SEO and paid media are such critical factors of any program, permit’s go a piece deeper. Specifically, when we take a look at some of the top industries the use of both HomesCraftoadvertising approaches, what are human beings making?


The gender pay hole is a hot-button subject matter in digital advertising and marketing. When it involves outdoor elements impacting compensation, gender frequently comes to mind. Our findings in the U.S. Advise the enterprise nevertheless has a whole lot of paintings to do.

When it involves gender distribution amongst our survey HomesCraftorespondents, things are largely skewed closer to ladies:

fifty seven.Three percentage female

40.6 percent male

1.05 percentage HomesCraftonon-binary

1.05 percent opt for not to say

The chart under compares the common repayment of male and girl respondents by role in place of years of enjoy, both inside the U.S. And globally. We’ve processed the statistics asHomesCrafto follows:

Entry-level: This may additionally consist of responsesHomesCrafto with keywords like “intern,” “junior,” or different signs of early-career roles.

Mid-degree: Might embody keywords such as “manager,” “lead,” or other mid-profession signs.

Senior-stage: This ought to involve keywords like HomesCrafto“senior,” “essential,” or other indicators of better-rating non-executive roles.

Executive: Likely includes keywords like “C-degree,” “chief,” “director,” “VP,”HomesCrafto or different indicators of government leadership.

Others: Everything no longer labeled by using the definitions above

In the U.S., the fashion is clear: Men constantly earn extra HomesCraftothroughout each seniority stage, though things are closer on the entry-stage.

While this paints a image of disparity, permit’s take aHomesCrafto look and see if the form of digital advertising position inside the U.S. Has an impact.

Here are the average salaries for HomesCraftoevery class throughout every position:


Female: $a hundred twenty five,500

Male: $one hundred seventy five,500


Female: $fifty eight,000

Male: $104,000


Female: $81,868

Male: $ninety HomesCraftofour,614

Non-binary: $70,773

Prefer no longer to say: $88,917

One factor to observe right here is theHomesCrafto gender pay hole changed into found in all categories and roles, but it turned into most suggested inside the freelance world and noticed HomesCraftothe first-rate parity amongst in-residence roles. This might be due to the fact corporations with their own in-residence teams have a more awareness and problem on supplying same pay for all positions, irrespective of gender.

How Is Global Digital Marketing Compensation Impacted By HomesCraftoOutside Factors?

The U.S. Can be a distinguished marketplace for the virtual marketing global,HomesCrafto but it’s some distance from the simplest sport in town. When we consist of statistics from the rest of the globe, it paints an interesting image. To start, allow’s observe a number of the elements that have an impact on HomesCraftorepayment inside the virtual marketing industry on a global scale.


Similar to our U.S.-targeted statistics, assuming a basic correlation HomesCraftoamong enjoy and profits doesn’t tell the complete tale.

As you might anticipate, higher reimbursement is extra common HomesCraftoamong people with extra enjoy.

However, many survey respondents, no matter enjoy degree, suggested they earnedHomesCrafto much less than $50,000 annually. While this is most customarily the case for virtual marketers with muchHomesCrafto less than two years of revel in, it also applies to many with extensively more revel in, too.

Why is this the case? Some motives are that some virtual marketers may fit in lower-paying industries just like the nonprofit region or do element-time digital advertising in conjunction with HomesCraftotheir number one process.

Those within the mid-revel in variety (i.E., four to 5 years and six to seven years) are extra frivolously allotted across numerous repayment degrees. This shows that other HomesCraftoelements may also play a position in repayment, now not simply years within the enterprise.


Digital advertising salaries range significantly the world over, with HomesCraftosome nations offering more economic repayment than others.

To recap, the U.S. Changed into the chief in phrases of HomesCraftoreimbursement overall however has a huge span of repayment brackets represented. In international locations like India and Brazil, most of theHomesCrafto people of respondents earn less than $50,000.

Interestingly, inside the United Kingdom, often visible as one of the heavy hitters in virtual advertising, there’s a fairly even spread throughout the $fifty one,000-to-$seventy five,000 and much HomesCraftoless-than-$50,000 brackets.

Why is that this records so essential? When building a commercial enterpriseHomesCrafto in a selected united states of america, it’s critical to realize how a good deal it’s going to cost to create aHomesCrafto digital advertising and marketing group. If you’re on a decent finances, you could pick out to outsource from countries with lower common salaries.


If you want to pursue a career in virtual advertising, have to you go toHomesCrafto university or pass immediately into the enterprise to get work enjoy? And if you do visit college, what stage of schooling need HomesCraftoto you pursue?

It’s interesting to peer that there’s a diminishing go back in relation to education. In some sectors, the pay distinction between a bachelor’s degree and a doctorateHomesCrafto is surprisingly minimum.

However, as a general rule, those with a collegeHomesCrafto training can anticipate larger salaries than the ones with out.

We also requested respondents what industry they labored in to peer how this correlated to training and compensation. Here are a number of the maximum captivating findings:

You’re maximum probable to earn much less HomesCraftothan $50,000 if you paintings employer-facet, irrespective of schooling stage.

If you have got a doctorate, you’re more likely to peer a HomesCraftosalary of extra than $two hundred,000 in case you work inside the era or finance quarter.

Your degree of schooling performs less of a role with regards toHomesCrafto revenue within the health, wellness, and fitness industries, in addition to in production.


Digital advertising is an age-inclusive industry, with respondents rangingHomesCrafto from younger than 18 to older than 65. The majority of respondents to this survey were 25 to 34.

As an aside, younger cohorts are extra gender-inclusive, even as older HomesCraftoage agencies, especially the ones fifty five and above, are male-ruled.

As you might anticipate, the average virtual marketing profits increases by way of age organization, with one thrilling outlier: Digital entrepreneurs below 18 earn extra than theHomesCrafto ones in the 18-to-24 age organization.

What’s the cause in the back of this? Younger digital entrepreneurs HomesCraftocan be greater involved in influencer marketing, which may be a beneficial enterprise.

However, it’s important to remember that we received less facts HomesCraftofor the under-18 age cohort, making it extra hard to attract a definitive end.


Compared to the U.S. Data, we received a close to-identical HomesCraftocut up of responses from men (49.2 percentage) and girls (forty nine.Eight percentage). Non-binary humans (0.Fifty five percent) and those who preferred HomesCraftonow not to mention (0.Forty five percentage) fashioned a minor share of the overall responses.

Again, be aware that we processed the common compensation of maleHomesCrafto and woman respondents with the aid of function in preference to years of enjoy inside the U.S. And HomesCraftoglobally, the use of this breakdown:

Entry-level: This can also consist of responses with key HomesCraftophrases like “intern,” “junior,” or different signs of early-profession roles.

Mid-level: Might embody key phrases including “supervisor,” “lead,” or different mid-profession indicators.

Senior-stage: This may want to contain keyHomesCrafto phrases like “senior,” “fundamental,” or different indicators of higher-ranking non-executive roles.

Executive: Likely consists ofHomesCrafto keywords like “C-level,” “leader,” “director,” “VP,” or other indicators of executive leadership.

Others: Everything now not categorised with the aid of the definitions above.

Globally, the earnings hole between ladies and men become smaller HomesCraftothan it become within the U.S. Throughout all ranges. Although, men were barely in advance. One wonderful finding is that in our survey, women proprietors/freelancers globally definitely earned barely greater HomesCraftothan their male opposite numbers.

Remote Work

Let’s drill down and see how virtual advertising and marketing salariesHomesCrafto compared based on whether or not a role is in-individual, far off, or hybrid (a mixture of in-individual and remote).

The consequences of the survey show that running HomesCraftoremotely or in-man or woman doesn’t have a drastic impact on reimbursement.

However, far flung workers have a slightly higher representation within HomesCraftothe $fifty one,000-to-$seventy five,000 bracket than in-man or woman people. This might be because of quite a number of factors, inclusive of the varieties of jobs that have far flung abilties being better compensated in addition to higher remote salaries HomesCraftoinside the U.S.

Company Size

As a rule of thumb, larger agencies have extra demands on HomesCraftothe subject of advertising and marketing, that means they require more experienced virtual advertising and HomesCraftomarketing personnel.

However, does this equate to larger salaries?

Companies with fewer than 50 personnel provide less HomesCraftomonetary reimbursement. Large groups with over 5,000 personnel are much more likely to offer higher salaries.

How Employee Location Trends Are Changing HomesCraftoGlobally

Remote paintings has become an conventional norm throughout many groups.

It also manner that humans no longer ought to live near where they work.HomesCrafto People can observe for jobs in different states and regions, even other countries. Digital advertising is one such enterprise impacted by using this shift.

Seven percent of our survey respondents live and work in two exclusive HomesCraftocountries—a phenomenon referred to as “area discrepancy.”

For respondents working within the same nations as their house,HomesCrafto the general public fall into the less-than-$50,000 compensation bracket. For those with a location discrepancy, whilst many nonetheless fall into the decrease compensation bracket, there’s HomesCraftorepresentation inside the higher reimbursement brackets, too.

This means many corporations are knowing the advantages HomesCraftothat outsourcing work to people in different international locations can convey to the desk, such as:

Specialized skillsets that aren’t available in their HomesCraftonations’ expertise pool

Significant value savings

Increased efficiency (as an example, support out HomesCraftoof doors normal running hours)

Access to emblem-new markets

A fresh new method to their digital advertising efforts

Next, our group wanted to see if employees with a HomesCraftolocation discrepancy have been satisfied with their virtual advertising income in comparison with their friends residing and working in the same us of a.

The bar chart above suggests a rather balancedHomesCrafto distribution between satisfaction and dissatisfaction for people running and living inside the same united states—although for people with greater excessive emotions, matters trended in the direction of dissatisfaction.HomesCrafto These feelings are in large part reflected in other countries.

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